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Tips to take better photos

Although we are not all passionate about photography, we do appreciate a great photograph when we see one. With the current technology and having a camera in our phones, in our purse or backpack, there is some sort of photographer in each and every one of us. But with a few tricks and tips you can learn how to take better photos. If you want to no longer be ashamed with the photos in your phone, here are the best advices for better photography skills.

Take great photographs with your phone

If you are not a professional photographer and you do not do this for living, you do not really have to spend a fortune on your equipment. The truth is that you can obtain amazing photographs by just using your smartphone. In order to do so, you will have to find interesting subjects or angles that will emphasize the beautiful side of what you wish to immortalize.

Do not just focus on your subject. Things in the background can distract the attention of whoever will watch your photo, so make sure you choose a plain background. In addition to these, phone cameras have some filters and tools that will put the background into fog, highlighting your subject. Study the area surrounding the subject before pushing the button and be certain that there will not be any poles or branching growing from the head of your subject.

Golden photographs need golden light. This means that the light from sunrise and sunset is great for your photos. But in case you wish to have a photography session outside, under the very bright sun rays, your subjects will look as if they are burnt, too red and maybe as sweat as if they would get caught on http://www.camplace.com/. Use the flash outdoors when you really have to take photos and eliminate the unattractive deep facial shadows.

Play with white balance, ISO, shutter speed and exposure, these amazing features that were initially considered for professionals. You can obtain a lot if you just experiment with these tools. Your iPhone pictures will look stunning and they will be soon ready to be uploaded on your Facebook or Instagram profiles. Follow the rule of thirds even if you just take a few photos with your phone – but these photos will sure look great! Use the grid option to line up beautifully what you wish to photograph and, in case that your flashlight gives a weird hue to your subject, make sure you turn it off when you are inside.

When you want to surprise some playful kids when they have fun, your pictures will be quite hilarious if you do not know how to use the camera in these circumstances. Use the Burst mode and your little ones will no longer look like tiny ghosts in the photographs you will take.

We take pictures because they are a wonderful way to remember great moments and lovely people. Learn how to use your camera like a pro and the photographs you will take from now on will be considerably better!